Crekode Partners with Advcash

  • abbaz by abbaz
  • 18 January 2023, 13:25
Crekode Partners with Advcash

We are excited to announce that Crekode has successfully partnered with Advcash to bring our buyers and sellers even more options for making and receiving payments.

Advcash is a global payment system that allows for fast, secure, and convenient transactions. With Advcash, Crekode buyers can now make payments using Visa and Mastercard, Binance and Crypto currencies. This means our buyers now have even more options to choose from when it comes to making purchases on our platform.

For our sellers, this partnership also brings a lot of benefits. With Advcash, they can easily withdraw their funds, which means they can get paid faster and more securely. This is especially important for sellers who operate globally and need to receive payments in different currencies.

Advcash is a simple and versatile online payment platform. It brings together crypto, credit cards, bank transfers and other local and global payment tools. Advcash customers pay all over the world, fast, easy, and with very reasonable fees.

Advcash is popular in the European Union, in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and neighboring countries, as well as in Latin America and internationally.

Wallets in USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, BRL, TRY, UAH, KZT, VND. Load and withdraw via a credit or debit card, SEPA, local transfers, digital currencies and more. Instant internal transfers.

Trusted worldwide since 2014, Advcash helps you manage your funds the way that just feels right.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our platform and make it even more convenient for our buyers and sellers. This partnership with Advcash is just one of the many ways we are working to achieve this goal.

We are confident that this new payment option will greatly benefit our community and we are excited to see how it will enhance the buying and selling experience on our platform.

We believe that this partnership will bring more opportunities for our customers and it will help to increase the trust of our platform. It will help to increase the number of transactions and it will also help to increase the number of sellers and buyers.

In conclusion, we are thrilled to have partnered with Advcash and we look forward to the many benefits this partnership will bring to our community. We will continue to work hard to improve our platform and bring more value to our customers.


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