How to sell items on CreKode?

How to sell items on CreKode?

Hi Buddies,

Today we are going to discuss how to sell items on CreKode | Creative Marketplace?

Now a day, Freelancers/Developers/Designers are tired of design or developing works as per customer/buyer requirements and sometime Its get too bad experience. Well, Selling on Digital Marketplace (CreKode) will give you the best ever earning way and much more freedom than freelancing!

Here you can sell your ready made scripts and codes which help buyer :)

- How to Sell on CreKode?

There is some different step that can't be compromised. CreKode always ensure qualiy service in the platform which means we not allow low quality items, Before selling the item you need to make sure that the item should be Useful, Qualitative & Free of errors/bugs.

Once you finalize your item, You need to get ready the marketing tools.

- Marketing Tools?

Yeap! You read well, The Marketing tool which attract the buyer/customer toward your item. Marketing Tools include Icon of your Item, Thumbnail of your item and a Great Screenshots that buyer will checkout before purchase so Make sure that you not going to compromise in this. Marketing is a Power!

Once you done with Marketing area you are moving toward SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is a tool that help your product to get in google search as top as possible. When any buyer search related to your product your item on crekode will be listed there as top but for that you need to go with most powerful keyword selection.

In short, For SEO you should have a great keywords that help you to rank on CreKode and Google and other search engines.

- Final Step

Now you have a Marketing Tools and Keywords, So lets sign up to CreKode and click on Start Selling

Next page require to upload Icon File, Thumbnail File, Main Zip File & Screenshot zip file that you have already ready. Click on continue.

After Uploading files, you will be ask for Item Tags means Keywords that you have already put It there and fill other Seo Information and click on Continue.

A next step will let you tell us your pricing and set it up as you want. Once you set pricing and you need to accept TOS and you are done.

After Submission :

You need to wait for out Quality Staff to check the product quality, if Its meet our quality criteria Its will get approve and you will start making income/money/bucks with CreKode.

Hope you like this!

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