Remove Copyright

Remove Copyright

What is Copyright?

 Copyright is one of several categories of intellectual property protection, to safeguard the creator's, owners, or holder's exclusive right to claim an original work as their own. As soon as a work is written on paper, recorded digitally, or typed electronically—or anything that can be heard, seen, read, or touched—the work is granted copyright protection, normally for a limited period of time.The U.S. Copyright Act of 1970 was enacted to protect creative works from unauthorized use or copyright infringement. However, despite federal law, which prohibits individuals from copying, publishing, transmitting, exhibiting, distributing, modifying, displaying, or otherwise using (whether for profit or not) the original creative expressions of others, copyright infringement—intentional and inadvertent—still can and does occur.

How to remove your Copyrighted material?

This is not very hard but Its can be very difficult sometime!

Contact Web hosting Company (Contact the company that hosts the website)

Contact the website host (i.e. Word Press, Blue host, etc.) of the infringing website to alert them of the incident. You can find the company that hosts the website infringing on your copyright, as well as information on the registrant of the domain, on ICANN. Web hosts must comply with the DMCA and are held to strict standards in order to stay in operation, so they take infringement seriously. Contacting them right away can speed up the process and save you time and they may even send a DMCA takedown notice on your behalf.


Before you begin a DMCA takedown request, make sure you gather all the relevant information you can. Providing links with evidence of the copyright infringement, as well as proof that the content belongs to you, is essential. This can speed up the time it takes for your DMCA request to be approved. Once you’ve gathered your evidence of the copyright infringement, follow these steps to get the website taken down:

File a DMCA request against the site

A DMCA request is an official correspondence meant to alert the proper sources of copyright infringement, and can be sent to multiple sources. This can include the domain registrant responsible for the infringement, as well as the web host, search engines, and more. Anywhere the website can be found with your infringing content is a source you can send a DMCA takedown request to.


When your work distributed without your consent is feeling like someone cut you off! Most buyers who download Pirated or nulled items wouldn’t buy your work. Here is some common steps that you should take!

Try to reach or contact to the owner website, mostly you will find contact form or social media details to reach them.

If you not found above details just head over to whois details of the website owner and get the details and try to reach them.

If you are unlucky and not found the info to reach them just find the name servers of the domain and reach to web hosting company where they have host there website and send the sample of copyright notice.

If you are still unlucky then go for DMCA Takedown request.


WHOIS Information - Click Here

Nameserver Details - Click Here

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