Selling on Crekode

Selling on Crekode

Lot of Authors, Creators, Developers & Designers asked How we can easily sell on CreKode.
 CreKode is a marketplace where you can sell your logos, banners, vectors, mockups, codes, script & web development tools.
What you can sell here?

Graphic Designers can sells, 
Mocks / Mock-ups
Game Assets
and more...
Note : Graphic Designers required to provide XD, PSD or EPS and any pother editable files..

Web Developer and Web Designer can sells,
HTML Templates
Angular / Laravel Templates
Web Development Tools
PHP Scripts (includes, Laravel, Cake PHP, JS, etc)
Codes, Snippets and more...

Note : Web Developers required to provide complete source code and documetations.

If you have any query don't hesitate to contact us.

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